Definitive Windows XP Instructions for Solving Netflix’s Silverlight-related Errors

Definitive Windows XP Instructions for Solving Netflix’s Silverlight-related Errors (e.g., N8152 DRM error), as of June 27, 2010.
Ever since Netflix adopted Silverlight’s streaming video standard, many Netflix users have had tremendous and various difficulties watching streaming video.
These problems manifest themselves in a variety of ways, e.g., N8152 DRM errors.
If you call Netflix, their customer service representations will likely not really know how to solve your problem.  They will ask you to install and uninstall Silverlight.  When that does not solve the problem, they will ask you to directly contact Microsoft.
Because you don’t have much confidence that Microsoft will give you personalized customer service attention, you choose – probably wisely – not to contact Microsoft.  Instead, you search the web for answers.  There’s a jumble of conflicting information out there, which frustrates you.
Well, today is your lucky day.
The following instructions will in all likelihood fix your problem, at leaset if you are using Windows XP.
Initial Step
1.  Go to Control Panel –> Add/Remove Programs –> Uninstall Microsoft Silverlight.
2.  Go to Start Menu –> Programs.  If you see Microsoft Silverlight, delete it.
Step 1
Remove files related to Silverlight
1. Open C:\Program Files.
2. Find the folder named Microsoft Silverlight and then delete it.
Note: I assume your Windows is installed on drive C.
Step 2
Remove registry keys related to Silverlight
1. Click Start, click Run, type “regedit” (without quotation marks) in the Open box, and then click OK. The Registry Editor program will come up.
2. Navigate to the following folder in the left pane if it exists.
3. Right click on Silverlight then click on “Permissions…”.
4. Please check if Administrators is listed in the Group and User name list. If not, please click the Add button and type “Administrators” in the open window and click OK to add this group.
5. Highlight Administrators and check on Full Control under Accept.
6. Click the Advanced button and choose the Owner tab.
7. Highlight the current user account in the list and mark the check box before Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.
8. Click OK to save changes and wait for the system to transfer the ownership of all the objects.
9. Delete the Silverlight entry.
10. Use the same steps to delete the following entries if they exist:
11. Please restart the computer and install Version 3 of Silverlight from
Please do not download Version 4 or later.  Note that if you go to Microsoft’s official Silverlight page — or from
Netflix’s site — they will direct you to download Version 4 or later Silverlight.  Version 4 is what is causing the problems.
After you take the above steps, Open Internet Explorer and go to
Choose any video to Play Instantly.  The video should play without error.
Important: Once the video begins playing, right click the video, and click on Silverlight.  Turn off automatic updating of Silverlight (or else you’ll be upgraded to Version 4 of Silverlight, which is what is causing the Netflix playback issues).

Important:  Be sure to change your Windows Update settings so that there is no automatic installing of updates.  Rather, set it so that the installation of updates is to be done by you manually.  That way, you can choose not to install updates to Silverlight.  For more details, see
* * *

Voila!  Problem fixed!  

If this worked for you -- or didn't -- please leave your feedback in the comment field!


  1. Well, this doesn't work, silverlight 3 and 4 has bugs, like choppy audio.

  2. If you click on the Application Storage tab on Silverlight and enable application storage (unchecked by default), it starts working..

  3. The above didn't work for me either but that could be because I'm running Vista. Do the following and it should work (it did for me!)-
    It's this directory that has the bug. It will automatically reload the directory again once you go back to Netflix to play a movie. You might have to click on ENABLE if a little message window pops up when you try and plan the movie.
    Good luck!

  4. I have the DRM problem and have Windows 7 Ultimate. Anyone know if the above fix works on Windows 7?

  5. I've now officially tried everything suggested in every forum and I'm still getting error code 8157. My temporary fix: Hulu.

  6. I deleted Microsoft Silverlight. I use firefox in Windows Vista; went under options and set to remember history. IT'S FINALLY WORKING!!!

  7. I was getting error code 1001.

    THIS WORKS. I have called Netflix REPEATEDLY with ZERO results for this problem. I was on the phone with Microsoft for almost TWO HOURS with no results.

    THANK YOU, Smokey Tidbits! I actually called Netflix and gave them this web address so they'd know how to solve this problem in the future! You're smarter than Netflix and Microsoft customer support COMBINED!

  8. It worked for me!
    Thanks a ton

    BTW im using vista

  9. I'm not sure if I am in the right place to, perhaps, ask Netflix questions not directly related to this blog but I hope so...
    A friend can get to Netflix and seems to be enjoying non-stuttering playback. His issue is that he cannot use the search field in Netflix, and member's movie reviews just show a spinning symbol "loading".
    Here are his details:
    Windows XP
    Firefox 3.6.9
    Safari (5.0.5 I think)

    I removed his Firefox profile
    Same issue

    I installed Safari afresh
    Same issue

    I don't know what version of Silverlight is installed.

    He installed an AVG Free update a couple of days ago and the problems, he thinks, started around that time.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem, or similar, and discovered a solution?

    Thanks in Advance


    1. OMG YES! I just put AVG on my computer 2 days ago and im thinking that is the real issue.

  10. I found a simple solution for my problem error N8109 with Netflix Streaming on Windows XP. Try this before going through all the steps described above. Go to start Programs and look for Microsoft Silverlight and open the program and on the Application storage tab are listed a the websites that have been used to stream movies. Select them all and delete them. Close the application and go back and try and stream the movies. This fixed the problem for me.
    Good luck...if this doesn't work try the steps above.

  11. When I go to Netflix it requires me to upgrade the silver light before I can play video

    1. yeah me too it just wont load with any of the silverlight updates

  12. Netflix is still requiring an upgrade to the latest Silverlight before you can watch a movie in the first place after doing all this. Also, Revo Uninstaller does all that extra footwork for you, once the initial uninstallation is complete.

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  14. Just go to C:\Users\(Your User)\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Silverlight\InBrowser

    Right-click on the profiles folder, select properties.

    Uncheck the read-only attributes.

    Should work!

    If dit doesn't; change the attributes to all the Silverlight folders.

    Good luck!

  15. Once I installed Silverlight 3 and configured it to not auto-update (through the config exe in the program files), Netflix says "you're almost there, not just update your silverlight"

    1. Go to start Programs and look for Microsoft Silverlight and open the program and on the Application storage tab are listed a the websites that have been used to stream movies. Select them all and delete them. Close the application and go back and try and stream the movies. This fixed the problem for me. Good luck. Update your silverlight.

  16. Nope, none of this worked for me either. Netflix+Silverlight+XP don't seem to get along...
    Also... I tried calling Microsoft tech support... they'd fixed my error last year by going in remote and tweaking... something. But now I'm informed that XP is 'legacy software' and they won't do squat for me unless I pay 99 bucks... even though the issue is something to do with Silverlight not uninstalling completely (what MS told me last time).
    Anyway... looks like I'm moving to Hulu.

  17. Silverlight error code 1001 netflix

    I had this problem for 6 months. Finally I back tracked my browser to the last date netflix work and uninstalled all the new fonts I installed after that date. You will not get help from netflix or MS concerning this issue. However, it worked for me.

    Step 1: check to see if your Sliverlight is working by going to this site: If you see the animation test this might NOT be your problem. However, if you can't see the animation this might solve your problem.

    Step 2: Check your browser history date for the last time netflix worked on your system. Make note of the date.

    Step 3: Go to start -> Control Panel -> fonts folder -> delete all fonts installed after that date.

    Step 4: refresh your browser.

    Step 5: Go to If this works you should be good to go! Best of luck.

    Note: It might also be an application that you have installed not just a font. So if you have installed applications and than the netflix site stopped working delete the application.

  18. To make Windows XP work with Netflix again do this.

    Down load these two dlls and put them in the folder shown below.



    Put these DLLs here----- C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\Plugins

    These two Dlls have been changed when your computer update. These are the old ones that work with XP.

    1. This works to, open up Ie explorer
      and copy its plugins.

      Then open up your chrome plugin file folder erase them and paste your Ie Explorer plugin in your
      Chrome plugin file folder.